We decided to introduce a range of certified organic cotton produce bags , the first of their kind into the UK market by a UK  company. We want to facilitate change.

You see, we believe that change should be affordable, accessible and universal. That’s why we won’t apply a minimum order quantity, because we believe that the facilitators of positive change are small businesses doing good things, up and down the country, the world even! Our tagline sums it up:

A facilitator of change for the post plastic generation. A wholesaler supporting like-minded small businesses who have social and environmental responsibility at its heart. 

Refreshingly, there is a growing interest in the waste we produce and an emergence of  low waste and zero waste lifestyles taking place on a big scale, right here in the UK. You must have noticed the growing number of package free shops popping up around the country.

With this growth we wanted to play a key role by offering items that are an integral component of plastic free living, such as produce bags and reusable straws.We buy, pack and sell these on plastic free and re proudly part of a short and transparent supply chain.

In the UK, the growing consciousness of the dangers of plastic waste in particular, is frequently  referred to as ‘The Blue Planet effect’ after the hugely popular series’ that were broadcast on the BBC in 2017, presented by great David Attenborough.

The public were clearly moved by the sheer volume of plastic found in our waters across the world and for the first time were exposed to the waste issues that are otherwise not seen, and in most cases, easier to pretend don’t exist. Blue Planet and a number of other key documentaries  have highlighted the problems of plastic pollution  to a  broad-ranging and mainstream Sunday evening audience.

Attenborough has since used his inimitable status as a globally recognised wildlife presenter and expert to highlight the crisis and continues to raise more public awareness.

In addition, pointless packaging has become a big topic of conversation and a commonly used hashtag on significant and influential social media sites. Plastic and single-use are two words that derive a negative response nowadays, thanks t all the publicity.

This is when we decided we wanted to be facilitators of change, to be part of the solution: the reuse revolution.

That’s why we founded the UK ‘s first plastic free wholesaler and the first wholesaler to introduce organic cotton produce bags to the local market. We have been trading since April 2018 and have 200 stockists.

We hope we will continue to see growth throughout 2019 as we introduce new products and continue to support businesses big and small, as we all try to curb our plastic consumption and offer our customers an better alternative.

We now offer screen printing options, please contact us for more information.