in greens trade is a business to business trade website offering plastic-free, reusable items that replace everyday items founded in . We focus on offering stockists with circular and sustainable items of use, and where decorative, these are more often sourced from up-cycled materials.

in greens trade started life in April 2018 with the launch of our organic cotton produce bags. Lowri, the founder, noticed that single-use plastic bags within the fruit and veg sections of our supermarkets and green grocers was then on overlooked sector that needed addressing. Reusable produce bags replace the need for flimsy single-use plastic bags and empower shop owners and their consumers to reuse well-made bags, instead of relying on single-use plastic bags. We are proud to be the first importer or produce bags to the UK.

In August 2020 in greens trade launched The Good Dot, their own in-house brand of low and zero waste products.

The Good Dot aspires to be an accountable homewares and lifestyle brand. We plant trees via Eden Reforestation, we were initially a member of 1% for the planet until they decided to halt homewares companies becoming members. Therefore our membership was overturned.   A decision we found frustrating. We are currently 80% and flight-free by 2022 aim to ship all our produce by sea and train.

A B2B gives a company more scope to make a bigger impact by being accessible to more than simply our B2C customer base, and this was always important to us: our reach needed to go as far as possible.

We will shortly be launching boo: unbleached, natural bamboo toilet paper.

Over the past 3-years since we launched in greens plastic free and later in greens trade, we have witnessed significant changes in consumer attitudes and increasingly, our consumer habits. More people are engaging with in discussions on planetary health and find their own ways of being responsible consumers. 

There is also a growing interest in the waste we produce and the emergence of low waste and zero waste lifestyles taking place in the UK. You must have noticed the growing number of package free shops popping up around the country.

With this growth, we wanted to play a key role by offering items that we consider integral to the movement. That’s why we provide produce bags, reusable straws, bamboo brushes and upcycled items.